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Wind Turbines near Ellensburg, WA
Therapy for Climate Anchor

It's hard to be sane in the midst of insanity.

Therapy for climate grief, eco-anxiety, and political overwhelm

Common Concerns:

  • Climate grief

  • Climate anxiety

  • Eco-anxiety

  • Political overwhelm

  • Powerlessness & numbness

  • Emotional avoidance

  • Doom-scrolling

Grief, Depression, and Anxiety Related to Climate Change and Environmental Destruction


We live in deeply disheartening times that can exhaust the soul.  Many of us struggle to retain faith in the survival of our imperfect democracy and our planet; it's so hard to retain hope and a sense of meaning.  Cynicism, numbing, and paralysis are humanly understandable responses, but don’t provide true refuge.


Our hearts break as we witness the ubiquitous images of climate change, from record-setting heat and wildfires, to droughts and severe weather events, to melting ice caps and rising sea levels.  We watch harm come not just to the natural world, but to humans and all sentient beings.  A global pandemic reflecting human intrusion into formerly wild places and fueled by climate change continues unabated.  


The Pain of Political Division, Hatred for the “Other,” and Cultural Insanity


After a rude shock in 2015, many of us took heart in the conviction that the rise of a divisive, ketchup-flinging, misogynistic, racist, grifting, self-obsessed, Biblically-illiterate, and greedy would-be autocrat, and those who curried his favor, was a sign of temporary insanity in the life of our imperfect democracy.  January 6th would be the watershed moment after which we would pick up, shake our heads in disbelief, and get on with making our Union a bit more perfect.  Then it didn’t happen; the madness continued.   

Alt facts, fake news, contempt for science and expertise, overt hatefulness and vengefulness, and the lucrative business of sowing fear and division flourished.


Recent Supreme Court decisions have abruptly overturned or severely undermined long-settled protections: reproductive freedom and bodily autonomy, the voting rights of African Americans, the authority of the Federal government to enforce environmental protections, and the separation of Church and State. Corporations possess power and rights unavailable to all but the ultra-wealthy.  Protections for the LGBTQ community are at risk. 


If you arrived at my website and kept going, you already know all this.


Many of my clients begin their journey with me expressing feelings of anxiety, anger, powerlessness, depression, and grief — in a word, anguish. When we begin, you may be used to relating to your feelings primarily through avoidance. We humans are incredibly inventive at finding ways to do anything but be present with our feelings: We try to use “logic” to analyze our way out of distress or accuse ourselves of being ungrateful that we suffer less than others. We retreat into powerlessness or numb ourselves with Netflix, food, compulsive shopping, substances, video games, doom-scrolling, or overwork.  


Distress is a normal response to unthinkable losses. Though it’s easy to lose heart, we can find peace and equanimity beneath the storm that rages on the surface.  The goal of therapy is not to get rid of emotional pain, but to transform your relationship to it. The pain doesn’t need to be pushed away, buried, or grasped onto for dear life, as though something more dire would happen if we loosened our grip.  We can rest in awareness of it all.  

How can therapy help?

When I imagine the journey of therapy, I see Piglet and Pooh walking down the lane, accompanying each other with a certain sweetness.  It’s a lot less lonely with two side by side. Likewise, you and I can be companions on your path to finding peace with your painful emotions. More deeply, just as Pooh and Piglet are companions through good times and bad, you can befriend your painful emotions so that they become a steadfast and reliable guide, rather than a cause of overwhelm or further suffering.  


Therapy can help you develop clarity and practice dropping below the problem-solving mind to find deeper peace and relief. This cannot be forced on a schedule, but if given breathing room (quite literally), clarity and wisdom can emerge to inform our actions in the world.  This empowers us to make a lasting personal contribution towards helping heal the planet and our destructive politics. Our actions, in turn, can honor our unique gifts, temperament, and analytical and problem-solving capacities.  We can live consistent with our deepest values.  We see that while we can’t all be Marie Curie, Gandhi, or Martin Luther King, we can make our unique contribution, big or small. 

If my description of this journey in therapy resonates with you, please contact me so that we can discuss your needs. 
I look forward to speaking with you!

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