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Therapy for Therapists Top Anchor

Holding the pain of others, we encounter our own pain.

Common Concerns:

  • Compassion fatigue & burn-out

  • Feeling numb & disengaged

  • Loss of a sense of meaning and purpose

  • Rekindling of personal trauma

  • Poor self-care

  • Loss of work-life balance

As helping professionals, we are confronted daily with the suffering of our patients and clients.  A sense of calling to serve others who are hurting led many of us to choose our professions.  But as the pain of those we serve grows more severe in these soul-draining times, it can be too much to hold by ourselves.  Compassion fatigue sets in; our days become exhausting.  

As we work with others' pain, we encounter our own pain in its unique personal expression.  For those with attachment trauma, the old wounds re-open, painfully raw.  Like our clients, we may find it more challenging than ever to stay present as our lives unfold before us in this moment, the only one we know with certainty that we have.  

We know that resting in a mindful, gentle awareness centers and fosters equanimity and clarity.  We know that self-compassion and self-care heal.  We advocate these for our clients—time to rest, time in contemplation, time with friends and loved ones, even things as basic as eating nutritious foods (and delightful treats as needed), getting enough sleep, moving our bodies, being out in nature.  As our energies become depleted, offering ourselves the gift of self-care that replenishes our bodies and spirits can feel like just one more task.  Now more than ever, it is essential.

It would be a privilege to accompany you on the journey back to the heart, back to this precious moment where peace and renewal reside.

Our complimentary 20-minute consultation will help you get a feel for whether I might be a good fit for your needs. 
I welcome hearing from you!

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