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My Approach Top Anchor
Smith Rock, Oregon

Life is so hard, how can we be anything but kind?
—Jack Kornfield

My Approach

Because my clients come to me to help ease their suffering, our relationship is inherently unequal.  You, my client, are vulnerable as you share what hurts most deeply; I receive your sharing with openness and compassion. My commitment is to hold this imbalance with care and respect.  In all other ways, I view myself as your equal, your fellow traveler in this life.  Like you, I will grow and change until my last breath.


I see my role as one of accompanying you, seeking to understand your experience in all its subtleties, depth, and breadth.  I help you bear witness to your suffering with compassion and appreciation.  I provide encouragement, guidance, and support as you make desired changes or make peace with what cannot be changed.  Together we work to help you find your unique voice, express your authentic self, and live in a manner consistent with your deeply-held values and your hopes for this one life we're given.

Our complimentary 20-minute consultation will help you get a feel for whether I might be a good fit for your needs. 
I welcome hearing from you!

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